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LGO News: AR's first single, Damon Bruce, CBS set visit and more

Listen to AR The Inspiration's first single off his first official new album "Life Goes On"

"Hi family and friends, due to the tragic epidemic of gun violence this year, I'm using my voice to stand up against this huge problem in America. After the Gilroy mass shooting I suffered from PTSD of my own past personal experience. The entire next day I locked myself in my place, lit some candles and wrote this song to help cope with the understanding of grief the victims and their families were suffering from. Please do me a favor and share, listen, stream my new single "Life Goes On" featuring Jeston Langland. Music video will premiere at our Life Goes On winter gala on December 21st. I wanted to do my very best to embody the overall message of LGO so I hope you like it and enjoy. This song is now available on all major music platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, etc." -A.R.

Come see the Golden State Road Warriors play at the 2019 Duncan Memorial Basketball Tournament

Damon Bruce to attend Life Goes on Winter Gala

Damon Bruce of 95.7 The Game will attend the Annual Life Goes On Winter Gala and say a few words and bring his local charm to the evening.

CBS Studios Set Visit for new tv show "Broke" starring Pauley Perrette and Jaime Camil

It was a blast to visit the set of the upcoming CBS sitcom "Broke" starring Pauley Perrette and Jaime Camil recently. It's always a thrill to visit Hollywood shoots and see how much work goes into each show or movie. Broke debuts next year on CBS, don't miss it!

Tickets of the Annual Life Goes On Winter Gala On Sale Now!

Come join us for a night of coming together as a community to help spread awareness for SCI support, senseless gun violence prevention, and helping our youth for a better future.


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