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"It's not about how much we give but about how much love we put into giving."


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School Speaking Series 2021-2022

Our Pushing for Change Speaker Series Tour was designed to inspire, motivate and educate the community about our “Life Goes On” message. 

We are a social platform that shares incredible life stories in a unique and powerful way that our speakers are motivated to move audiences that inspire a life-changing motivational transformation. Book us today at your next event by contacting

Care Packs for
Hospitalized Patients

Our cause is to bring support to those recently affected with a spinal cord injury by mentoring them on their new journey in life plus providing LGO Care Packs (Life Goes On t-shirt, wristband, hats, SCI info and pamphlets) and more importantly a mentor that has experienced a spinal cord injury and has overcome their obstacles.

This injury is truly life changing and with the support from mentors you can overcome the what seems to be impossible. 

LGO’s purpose is to make the road to recovery easier for new SCI survivors. We focus on keeping updated with the newest advancements, programs, research and technologies that impact the life of someone with SCI. Reach out to us for more information on how we may assist you or someone you know.

We help those with SCI participate in recreational, adaptive sports. A life of sports can seem impossible after a life changing injury such as SCI but there are many programs in our communities that help people with disabilities.

LGO Teen Leadership Progam

LGO Teen Leadership Program is designed to build up students ages 12-17 years old and encourage them to be our future leaders of tomorrow.


The LGO teens are taught life skills on how to overcome obstacles that come their way. It's a place where they can learn from our trusted and experienced staff. We bring in special speakers and take the students on educational field trips.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are now holding sessions on Zoom. Please reach out for details on attending.

We hold community outreach LGO SUPPORT GROUPS monthly that provide support and mentorship to those who may be experiencing hardships. We welcome anyone to join us and become a leader in our community through our LGO Ambassador program. We also do Team bonding adventures at amusement parks, professional sporting games and bowling.

We are hosting Support Groups on Facebook so please join the LGO group.


To reduce obstacles for those who are newly injured and now wheelchair bound, our goal is to help implement and install proper wheelchair accessibility support. We want to make sure people experience the smoothest transition to a life full of obstacles and challenges they will face. LGO will help plan, consult, refer and prepare you so you can experience a life of ease, freedom and independence. Adaptive sports is a great outlet after a spinal cord injury. For more information on this program please email


We strive to end gun violence, empower those with spinal cord injuries and uplift our younger generation.


We envision a world where individuals and communities can find peace within themselves and have full, happy, and successful lives.



Hope is THE catalyst for movement within, pushing forward, and transformation.


We have faith in the power of motivating, hoping, and dreaming.


Through sharing in knowledge we will foster skill building, understanding, and empowerment.


Peace is the path to understanding, forgiveness, and acceptance to live


We commit to exploring and actualizing each individual’s definition, experience, and sense of success.

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