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LGO News: Steph Curry, Oakland Marathon, Chair the Hope Foundation

If you haven't subscribed to Steph Curry's new YouTube channel which hosts his incredible series, 5 MINUTES FROM HOME, you need to click here now. In the latest episode Steph hangs with some local high schoolers and sports our Life Goes On Foundation hat. Much love to Steph and best of luck with the new show!

It was pleasure to meet Nathan Ogden of The Chair the Hope Foundation. Their organization is incredible and Nathan's story and family was so inspiring. Great to see movements spreading positive energy and helping heal the world. Learn more at

Was a great experience racing in the Oakland Half Marathon this past weekend and representing Team LGO. We knew that we needed to come out and show that our speed was boundless and it was a pleasure to meet other adaptive athletes. We look forward to participating in the race next year so start training to join Team LGO

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