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Congrats to Emilie our winner of the LGO Handbike Giveaway!

We are proud to announce that Emilie is our winner for the LGO hand bike giveaway! Her story really touched our hearts and her explanation of why she wanted the bike really stood out.

When Emilie was 10 years old she was diagnosed with leukemia. She was rushed to the hospital to start chemo therapy immediately. At the hospital they injected a dose of chemo into her spine and everything went fine as it seemed. But two weeks after that her legs began to weaken drastically until she couldn't even stand. She continued her treatment but the doctors didn't have an answer to why her legs stopped working. She went along with the rest of her treatment and was in remission for about a year. She relapsed and the doctor said she would need a bone marrow transplant. Her angel which is also her little brother who is in second grade at the time was a perfect match. The transplant went smoothly and she is now cancer free and has been ever since!

Emilie grew up with a very active soccer player lifestyle but her injury at 10 stopped her from the sport she loved. She still strives to be very active by doing Zumba and working out with her trainer. She explained how living in Santa Cruz she misses riding bikes with their friends up and down the coast line. She is now a high school senior and is saving up for college and couldn't afford to buy a hand bike.

We feel honored that we're able to help contribute to her active lifestyle by gifting her this handbike. Thank you to everyone for submitting your inspiring stories. For the couple finalists that made this contest a tough decision I will be sending you out a Life goes on care package. Please keep supporting the movement and remember to keep it pushing! 1Love #nevergiveup #keepitpushin #dreambig #stayactive #LGO

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