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San Mateo Juvenile Hall visit

Last night I visited San Mateo Juvenile Hall to speak to over 50 boys and girls about the mission of our Life Goes On Foundation and to instill some motivation, inspiration and hope within the kids. I could relate to these youngsters as I’m familiar with growing up in the East Bay and having experienced the struggles of trying to walk the right path in a world filled with little direction and so much temptation. I was able to spend two hours talking with the kids as I told them my life story and the effort I’ve put into better my existence. As I spoke I could tell the kids I could tell they were giving me their undivided attention and afterwards some of the counselors came by and said they haven’t had a speaker come in and have the kids so quiet and attentive during a speaker. This humbled me and made my heart swell.

I want to thank Steve Mitchell and Shawn Villasenor for making it possible for our visit with the youth. This was my fourth time visiting this particular juvenile hall and each time I leave I feel like I have impacted the kids. I look forward to my next visit there but most importantly look forward to seeing these young minds change their life to a positive direction.

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