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My visit with NJ Foster

I visited my old clinic Santa Clara Valley Medical Rehab Center in San Jose to spend some time with a 19 year old young man named NJ Foster who was attending San Jose State University. On his fifth day back from summer break NJ was walking down the street on-campus when suddenly a car hit him head on – throwing him 50 feet away from the scene of the accident and paralyzing NJ’s C1 vertebrae.

NJ grew up an athletic kid attending Clayton Valley High School playing football and basketball while being a scholar athlete. This tragedy has now left NJ in a motorized wheelchair with no feeling or movement from his neck down.

NJ is working hard with his rehabilitation and during my visit we discussed the motivation to continue forward, living with a spinal cord injury, never giving up, keeping it pushing and to have that hope that we will someday be able to walk again. We even talked about attending a Warriors game together!

His family support is incredible and they are doing whatever they can to support NJ through his emotionally tough time.

I encourage everyone reading this to please reach out and support NJ. His family created a Go Fund Me fundraiser where you can donate to his recovery below.

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