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Trip to Seattle for NWBA National Tournament

This past weekend I took a trip up north to "Rain City" Washington itself - Seattle. I went up to compete in the NWBA National Tournament with my Sacramento Rollin' Kings squad. We faced off against Arizona, Oregon, Albuquerque and the host city Seattle. We beat all four teams and went to a 4-0 victory at the tournament. Our Sacramento Rollin' Kings are now ranked #5 in the nation! It was a pleasure to compete against such great teams and it was an even better feeling to win! Thank you to Seattle and the NWBA for allowing us to compete.

I also took some time to check the sights and sounds of Seattle and it's a wondrous city with beautiful people. Visiting the Space Needle was a highlight of my trip. So blessed to visit and can't wait to head back up soon!

Remember, you can support our Sacramento Rollin' Kings by visiting and giving a donation. Check out our recent video on ABC Sacramento below.

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