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Life Goes On Foundation (Documentary)

Hi everyone! Please check out the new LIFE GOES ON FOUNDATION documentary about a year in my life. My friends at (Storytellers for Good) and (Polar Productions) followed me around for a year and created this beautiful story of hope and perseverance.

This incredible journey to completion started by chance as one day I was spreading my message door-to-door about my non-profit organization and my life story when I happened to knock on the door of (TED) who offered to help my foundation by introducing me to (Cara) with Storytellers for Good.

At the last minute, I was invited to attend their annual San Francisco fundraiser in 2015. Four other representatives of other non-profit organizations were also in attendance. The four of us had to give a speech about our mission and then the audience would decide who wins a documentary from Storytellers for Good.

It was humbling and ironic that I would be giving a speech about my message to an audience down the street from where I was shot and paralyzed eight years prior. The other foundations gave amazing speeches and do incredible work for their communities but I was glad to discover that the audience had voted for me and my foundation to get the documentary!!!

I couldn’t believe that I would be given this opportunity to spread my message to the world through this remarkable short film we’ve spent a year shooting and developing. Please take the time to view and share and help me on my mission to spread spinal cord injury and gun violence awareness.

Thank you,



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