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Mission: To advance the personal independence and wellness of individuals living with spinal cord injuries.


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Sponsorship Opportunity for your Companies Promotion

If your company is interested in being part of our marketing sponsorship campaign for Life Goes on Foundation we would like you to contact us via email at info@lgof.org.We...
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LGO Care Packs for those hospitalized due to spinal cord injury

Our cause is to bring support to those recently affected with a spinal cord injury by mentoring them on their new journey in life plus providing LGO care packs...
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PFC Speaking School Tour 2016

The goal for Pushing for Change School Tour is to raise funds to inspire, motivate and educate youth about our “Life Goes On” message. We will help spread awareness...
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Arthur Renowitzky resides in the Bay Area and is the executive director and founder of Life Goes On Foundation (LGO) a nonpolitical/nonprofit organization working in the state of California to help bring an end to violence amongst youth and encourages a positive lifestyle through extra curricular activities such as sports and local youth involvement facilities.Renowitzky founded Life Goes On Foundation…

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