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Life Goes On Project was founded in 2007 by Arthur Renowitzky. That year, Arthur was tragically shot in the chest by an unknown assailant whose motive was to rob an innocent individual while leaving a San Francisco night club, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. The shooter was never found. After the shooting, Renowitzky was rushed to the hospital and rose from a near-death coma and months of determined rehabilitation with a new lease on life. He now works aggressively to share his inspiring story of overcoming a horrific life obstacle…


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LGO Care Packs for those hospitalized due to spinal cord injury

Our cause is to bring support to those recently affected with a spinal cord injury by mentoring them on their new journey in life plus providing LGO care packs...
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I Will Walk Campaign

Arthur Renowitzky seated beside the ReWalk robotic Exoskeleton This campaign evolved through serendipitous moments of genuine admiration of the trials and determination of Arthur Renowitzky. Eugene walks resolved in...
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PFC Speaking School Tour 2015

The goal for Pushing for Change is to raise funds to inspire, motivate and educate youth about our “Life Goes On” message. Also, to help spread awareness on the...
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About Arthur

Arthur Renowitzky resides in the Bay Area and is the executive director and founder of Life Goes On Foundation (LGO) a nonpolitical/nonprofit organization working in the state of California to help bring an end to violence amongst youth and encourages a positive lifestyle through extra curricular activities such as sports and local youth involvement facilities.Renowitzky founded Life Goes On Foundation…

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I Will Walk Campaign

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