Arthur founded LGO with the hope to inspire and change the world by ending gun violence and bringing awareness to SCI/disablities. He has been spreading his positive message throughout America since 2007 through public engagment and community activism. He invites anyone to help our movement reach millions worldwide.

Hobby: Member of Sacramento Rollin' Kings wheelchair basketball team

Arthur Renowitzky

Anthony Renowitzky

Planning Manager

Arthur's younger brother works in Real Estate and is one of the top agents in the Bay Area. He received his BA from SF State in Business and Marketing. He is responsible for organizing events and corporate relations.

Hobby: Fishing

Ivania Bermudez

Development/Foundation Manager and Volunteer Director

Ivania lives in Redwood City and desires to make the world a better place as she is committed to local community outreach programs. She manages speaking engagements and maintains relations with volunteers. Ivania recently completed her Masters in child psychology.

Hobby: Fitness

Samantha Goldie

Special Events Director and Fundraising Manager

Samantha is a life coach and youth guidance counselor and she is working on obtaining certification in Alcohol/Drug Studies. Samantha is currently working across multiple local fundraisers to reach out to local companies.

Hobby: Cooking

Jordan Freitas

Volunteer Coordinator and Juvenile Counselor

Jordan is a youth development coordinator who is majoring in psychology with a minor in child/adolescent development. She works at multiple schools and youth rehabilitation programs.

Hobby: Coaching Volleyball

Akash Kumar

Multimedia and Social Media Technician

Akash does creative, design and multimedia art and is a filmmaker and storyteller. He is currently working on a screenplay to shoot next year. He majored in Motion Picture production at the Academy of Arts University SF.

Hobby: Cinema Studies

Eric Harris

Planning Manager

Eric has interned and worked in Washington, DC and Oakland for Congresswoman Barbara Lee. He interned at the Democratic National Committee during President Barack Obama's reelection campaign in 2012. Eric currently works for Councilman Allen Warren of Sacramento. Eric was elected 3rd Vice President of the Sacramento NAACP in 2016.

Hobby: Captain and member of Sacramento Rollin' Kings

Zachary J. Borja

Marketing & Financial Consultant

Zachary is a financial consultant, entrepreneur and educator who works with others in hopes of making their passions and dreams into reality.

Hobby: Photography and Fencing